PMC Elections!

The election for our first Project Management Committee was held over the past 72 hours. The committee members have been chosen!

Our Project Management Committee consists of…

  • Bill Cox
  • Alain Forget
  • Stephen R Guglielmo
  • Chris Horrocks
  • Niklas Lemcke
  • Jason Pyeron
  • Frank Rehberger

The PMC will be the steering force behind the CipherShed Project. Among other things, the committee will…

  • Establish and support the future vision, fundamental values, ethical principles, and strategic direction of the project.
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are in place for members and contributors.
  • Have the final say in release decisions, conflicts, and future enhancements.
  • Establish and support the Quality Assurance team to protect the security of the project.