News released!

The first release of CipherShed, version, based on git commit be4dc698ffdc8d4414dbde838c2ddc7143c9dac2, is now available. Downloads and other instructions can be found on our download page. A small rundown of changes since the last version of TrueCrypt include: Rebranding Mitigation of various buffer overflows Address 100% CPU usage in boot loader (mostly relevant to VMs) […]

Pre-Alpha testing started

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THIS PRE-ALPHA RELEASE IN PRODUCTION, OR ANY OTHER CRITICAL WAY! Dear community, we posted a preliminary alpha build of the CipherShed installer (signed) on github: Debug build Non-debug build The build is the result of (git clean -ndX ; git clean -nd) | sort -u | sed ‘s/^Would remove //’ | […]

Minutes from PMC meeting on 2014-07-27

Logistics Date: 2014-07-27 Chair: Alain Forget Attendees: Alain Forget Chris Horrocks Niklas Lemcke Jason Pyeron Summary Jason will post to the developers’ mailing list proposals for: Improved and more rigourous development, code integration, and testing practices. Changes on how contributions are submitted to the CipherShed repository. Before being able to make contributions to CipherShed, new […]

Digest of the first PMC meeting

The first voice-chat meeting of the PMC took place on Saturday 06/28/2014, 13.00h UTC via Mumble. It was chaired by Niklas Lemcke. Prior to the meeting, we had an open discussion with Jos Doekbrijder from TNext( Summary: Jos explained the intended nature of his association, and the planned collaboration with the CipherShed Project: The association […]

PMC Elections!

The election for our first Project Management Committee was held over the past 72 hours. The committee members have been chosen! Our Project Management Committee consists of… Bill Cox Alain Forget Stephen R Guglielmo Chris Horrocks Niklas Lemcke Jason Pyeron Frank Rehberger The PMC will be the steering force behind the CipherShed Project. Among other […]