Pre-Alpha testing started

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THIS PRE-ALPHA RELEASE IN PRODUCTION, OR ANY OTHER CRITICAL WAY! Dear community, we posted a preliminary alpha build of the CipherShed installer (signed) on github: Debug build Non-debug build The build is the result of (git clean -ndX ; git clean -nd) | sort -u | sed ‘s/^Would remove //’ | […]

Digest of the first PMC meeting

The first voice-chat meeting of the PMC took place on Saturday 06/28/2014, 13.00h UTC via Mumble. It was chaired by Niklas Lemcke. Prior to the meeting, we had an open discussion with Jos Doekbrijder from TNext( Summary: Jos explained the intended nature of his association, and the planned collaboration with the CipherShed Project: The association […]