CipherShed is a program that can be used to create encrypted files or encrypt entire drives (including USB flash drives and external HDDs). There’s no complicated commands or knowledge required; a simple wizard guides you step-by-step through every process.

After creating an encrypted file or disk drive, the encrypted volume is mounted through CipherShed. The mounted volume shows up as a regular disk that can be read and written to on-the-fly. The encryption is transparent to the operating system and any programs. When finished, the volume can be unmounted, and stored or transported elsewhere, fully secured. Encryption volumes can be moved from OS-to-OS (eg, Windows to Mac) with full compatibility.


For general questions, please e-mail our Public Relations representatives at: contact[at]ciphershed[dot]org

For more specific support or if you want to get involved:

  • Our mailing lists are the best method to contact the entire development team and for community support.
  • Our forum is a secondary method for community support.
  • Our IRC channel, #CipherShed on OFTC, is the best method for hanging out with some of us.
  • Our GitHub repository currently hosts the CipherShed code; please feel free to check it out and report to us any bugs or potential security or privacy vulnerabilities you find!
  • Our Mumble server, where we have casual meetings.


The CipherShed Project is an unincorporated not-for-profit organization that is managed by an elected Project Management Committee (PMC), and other members responsible for various aspects of the CipherShed Project, as discussed below.

Project Management Committee (PMC)

CipherShed is managed by a Project Management Committee; a diverse team with a passion for cryptography, information security, and the internet as a whole. More information about the members can be found on the wiki.

The current PMC members are:

Director of Information Technology (IT)

The PMC appoints a Director of IT who is responsible for overseeing the CipherShed Project’s technical infrastructure (i.e., all systems used by the CipherShed Projects’ contributors), ensuring that it meets the project’s needs, and when it does not, seeking out and implementing solutions to fulfill the project’s needs.

The current Director of Information Technology is Chris Horrocks (LinkedIn).

Director of Marketing

The PMC appoints a Director of Marketing broadly responsible for fostering awareness and community interest, engagement, and participation in the CipherShed Project.

The current Director of Marketing is Jos Doekbrijder (Twitter).

Public Relations Team

The PMC has authorized the following people to externally represent and speak on behalf the CipherShed Project. They can be contacted at contact[at]ciphershed[dot]org .

The current Public Relations Team members are:

  • Bill Cox
  • Niklas Lemcke

Security Team

The PMC has appointed a Security Team to endeavouring that changes to the CipherShed code do not introduce security vulnerabilities. The Security Team accomplishes this goal by internally auditing, approving, and signing all source code changes that are included into upcoming CipherShed software releases.

The current Security Team members are:

  • Bill Cox
  • Chris Horrocks
  • Niklas Lemcke
  • Jason Pyeron

Notable Contributors

Notable Contributors are members of the CipherShed community who may not hold an official position, but are actively demonstrating, through their contributions, a commitment above and beyond the average contributor (and have consented to have their name posted here).

Current Notable Contributors are:

  • Kyle Marek


If you believe the CipherShed Project would benefit from additional people in existing or additional positions, please feel free to make such proposals through the above methods of communication.